Seti I before Ra-Horakhti, Abydos

Over the years, I have discussed my combination of religious and political inclinations several times, both face to face and on-line. Sometimes, others, particularly those unfamiliar with Egyptian religion, society and government, are confused by a seeming contradiction between my allegiance to the religion, values and outlook of Ancient Egypt, and my somewhat left wing political views.



The infamous “they” say that everyone has a moment in life when they become aware of their own mortality, and the transience of human life. Today, I had such a moment. Not  in a moment of panic or danger, not a mind-that-bus-what-bus-splat moment, but something else entirely.  Indeed, to say I became aware of the transience of life rather than mortality may  be a better description.

For the first time, the value of a memorial became clear to me. In all my time delving into the depths of Egyptian religious thought, in contrast to what most people think of the religion, my focus has been on my own earhtly life, and the celestial life of the gods. My own post morten existence hasn’t really factored into things.

Until today, that is. I realised a big chunk of my identity, for all intents and purposes, has become a part of that which does not exist. Before I moved to the UK, I had a whole life in South East Asia. Friends, family, partners, co-workers and comrades, hopes, dreams and fears. (more…)

I posted an info page addressing some questions about my beliefs. It’s basically in draft form and I will probably tidy it, and also hope to expand it. If anyone has any questions then please feel free to comment with them and I will incorporate them into the info page with an answer.