This blog will serve as a mostly unfiltered notepad for my religious, social and academic thoughts as an Egyptian Recon who also studies Egyptology.

There are a few important points to read here before firing off an angry comment:

  1. This blog is mostly unfiltered. It is not intended to be scholarly or thought out. It’s mostly a scribble pad for my random thoughts.
  2. Because I believe something, or something one way, neither makes it gospel for all EG-Recons, nor does it mean I think it should be.
  3. Being Recon doesn’t make my practice “better” than eclectic ones. If I say X belief is “wrong” it is meant in the historical sense. It doesn’t mean pass a value judgement on X as a religious belief, only on its value as historical fact.
  4. I am British. Therefore, I use sarcasm. Heavily.

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