November 2010

I’m really annoyed YourWiki closed down. Aegyptiaca was a good project and I enjoyed working on it. I’d like to do something similar again but I’m not that familiar with the MediaWiki software, which YourWiki got around by bascially setting up the software and just leaving you to manage users and content. Wikia does something similar but the interface is awful.

If anyone knows of a YourWiki-alike, then let me know 🙂



I’m in halls at the moment. I have a private room, but no areas I can really separate off for a dedicated shrine area as I had before. It raises the question of how best to accommodate formal cult space for a shrine.

My feeling have always been that the shrine area for modern day shrine for a formal/state cult  needs to have the nearest thing to dedicated, closed off, private and ritually pure/uncompromised as one can make it. To my mind, this would follow the basic principles strived for in the original formal cults, where the shrine itself was in the inner most part of the temple, physically and metaphyscially sealed off from impurities, shielded from casual contact with the profane world.

My current setup really doesn’t allow for this. Issues:

  • Shrine to Ra is aligned on a N-S axis rather than E-W. Clearly less than ideal.
  • Seperate cult shrines of Ra-Horakhti and Ahmose I have to be consolidated into one area due to space issues. This could be ideal but I’m not sure. Following the earthly death of Ahmose I, He is associated more directly with Ra than as a son, so this merged layout can be seen as highly appropriate and symbolic, but it is hardly a historically valid approach to either the Royal or Solar cults as far as we know.
  • The overall environment has issues with ritual purity as the shrine is essentially in the main room I live in. Essentially I eat, sleep and revive in the same room as shrine to state cults.

Not sure how to approach this one. Thankfully come January should be out of halls, but it’s an awkward issue, especially as the use of incense is prohibited as well.